Sara Singh

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this difficult time. I will continue to update you with resources as they become available. Along with the information I have shared with you on Class Dojo you can also find resources on my page under useful links. You can access the weekly agenda under documents and files. Please don't hesitate to reach out via E-Mail or Class Dojo if you have any questions. 

**Updates 4-13-2020**

April 14th, I will meet with the students daily at 9:30 A.M for morning meeting and instruction. . The link will be provided on my Class Dojo page, and via E-mail as needed.
**This meeting is optional**

Each week there will be a weekly agenda uploaded  to my Class Dojo page. The agenda can also be found under Documents and Files in the Virtual Learning Weekly Agenda folder. 
**The work assigned is 

You can find weekly lessons for your child to participate from the different OBE specialists. Just click OBES Specialist Homepage 

*If you have any questions throughout the day or your child needs help in a certain subject please send me a message through Class Dojo or E-mail me at

I will be checking E-mail and Class Dojo throughout the week.
My office hours are Tuesdays from 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. During this time I will be available for immediate support and correspondence. 

Below you will find general information about our day to day schedule. I’m excited to start another year at Old Bridge Elementary School and for a full year of learning together. I should write some other things here about myself or my classroom.


Class Schedule: 


Tardy Bell: 8:45

Specials:  11:45-12:30

Lunch:     12:45-1:15

Recess:    2:15-2:45

Dismissal: 3:15


Our Encore schedule is on a 6 Day Rotation.  See the schedule below to find out where your child will be each day.  Please make sure that on PE days, your child is wearing close-toed shoes.  For more information about what day it is in the rotation, please see the OBE calendar on the main website.

 Day 1: Art
 Day 2: Music 

 Day 3: P.E.

 Day 4: Technology
 Day 5: P.E.

 Day 6: Library/Guidance