Kelli Akremi


Update, April 13, 2020
Dear Families,
Much has changed since we were together in Room 207 a month ago, but we are still a strong, kind smart community of learners.  As we move forward in long distance continued learning, I appreciate your support and partnership. 

To keep knowledge and skills growing, each week I will be posting a schedule of suggested weekly activities under the Files and Documents tab for students.  Please remember that the work is optional and not graded, but meant as review and/or enrichment.  I also continue to add other resources in the Useful Links tab that students may enjoy.  It is a wonderful time for students to explore more about subjects that interest them and let their curiosity lead them in learning.

In addition, we will hold class meetings Monday/Wednesday/Friday on Zoom at 10:30 a.m. and I will send the link in Dojo prior to the time.  Again, participation in class meetings is optional. 

 With all that said, please do what is best for your well-being and home!  

As always, feel free to reach out whenever you need. I am here to support you!  My "office hours" in which I am available are Mondays and Fridays from 11:00am - 11:30am. If you need to talk with me during this time, let me know.  I can send you a link to access Zoom for a virtual chat, we can talk over the phone, or connect via email. If you cannot meet within this time frame, please let me know and we can find a time that works for your schedule.  Dojo continues to be a quick way to contact me throughout the day if you have a question as well.  

I miss you all and hope you are doing well.  
Mrs. Akremi (and Oreo)

Hi all,

Oreo and I miss seeing you each day and we hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  We are in unchartered territory but over the next few months we'll discover new ways to learn and have fun together.  All year I've told you that we are a special group and that is still true!

Please check your email frequently for information and updates from PWCS and me.  Students can access their emails through Clever.  You can do this by going to the Old Bridge website ( The username for Clever is the same one you use to log in on the computers in school. The password is the same, as well. It is important that “” is added after your  username when logging in. If you are having difficulty accessing Clever, please email or message me.  We will also continue to communicate through the Dojo app as it's often the quickest way to respond and connect.

Right now, we all need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves.  Lots of deep breaths and focus on our health and family.  Any learning activities that I send or recommend are not required.  Please find a routine that works for your well-being and home.  I will continue to update and add resources to "useful links" and "files and documents" as I find new things.  If you come across something that you think your classmates might enjoy, share with me.

Hopefully the review packets that were sent home on March 13th have been a helpful way to review.  The plan was to spread it out over three weeks, so take your time.  The best thing that you can do as a learner right now is READ, READ, READ.  Look around your house for all the different texts you have:  chapter books and picture books, magazines, online articles, recipe books, instruction manuals, cereal boxes.  I also recommend keeping a journal to record the historic time we are living in today.  Take 10 minutes to write about what happened, about what you're thinking and feeling, about the best thing that happened, even maybe about what you ate for dinner.  If you feel the writing bug, I LOVE to receive emails and I promise to write back!  Probably the best way to keep your math skills sharp are to go on IXL.  It's a great resource and will help explain something if you don't understand it.  It's easy to access IXL through the OBE homepage or Clever.  The next few months are also perfect for mastering multiplication facts through 12s!

Again, I miss all of you so much but I'm excited to keep our community strong through our new virtual learning world.  If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through Dojo or email.

Mrs. Akremi (and Oreo)


Below you will find general information about our day to day schedule. I’m excited to start another year at Old Bridge Elementary School and for a full year of learning together. 


Class Schedule: 


Tardy Bell: 8:45

Lunch: 11:50

Encore Specials:  1:00

Recess:  1:45

Dismissal: 3:15


Our Encore Specials schedule is on a 6 Day Rotation.  See the schedule below to find out where your child will be each day.  Please make sure that on PE days, your child is wearing close-toed shoes.  For more information about what day it is in the rotation, please see the OBE calendar on the main website.


Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:


 Day 6:             PE